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My name is Rihard Jarc, and welcome to UncoverAlpha newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to provide readers with great company and industry analysis/deep dives about innovative companies/industries. In essence, I am an investor that bases my investment thesis on fundamental analysis but I look for innovative companies that are going to become the changers of the world in the next years.

Who am I?

I started investing from a very early age and quickly found that I have a big passion for investing. Besides having a business and finance degree, I started my career working in audit at one of the Big4 audit companies. After that, I changed my job and started working as an Equity Analyst for a Portfolio Manager at a big international bank. After some years, I was promoted to Portfolio Manager, where I managed portfolios for high-net individuals totaling over $50M. I was always the one most fascinated by technology and technology stocks.

Later on, I decided I would pursue my own path, and I quit my job and founded and ran as CEO 2 startup companies, both in the software space. The second one was founded in 2017 and is a machine learning document data extraction company which I sold after 5 years to a publicly traded software company. I now run this newsletter and am a CIO at my small boutique investment fund called New Era Funds.

Having been in the software space, added to my knowledge of investing greatly as I found out that my domain knowledge is what a lot of the time makes the real difference in understanding and analyzing technology companies.

Besides having this newsletter, I also share my thoughts on Twitter where you can follow me (@RihardJarc).

What can I expect from this newsletter?

With this newsletter, I will post company analyses of high-growth companies, mainly from the tech segment, and also share my general view from time to time on new and exciting industries & investing in the market in general.

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Rihard Jarc

Tech investor, finance writer, CIO.