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Good analysis. I think, WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp in general is underrated. It’s not part of anyone’s models for the future I think. Lots of potential. Also, AI Models will make engagement higher which we can already see. People focus on the metaverse and of course it’s a big thing for FB as they spend so much on it. But the predictable growth path is still FoA and especially WhatsApp. I see VR as a high risk high reward venture.

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Very nicely crafted/organized Rihard!

I’m also a long time investor in Meta and appreciate you distilling down the 3 go-forward growth elements. 1) Reels 2) WhatsApp and 3) Generative AI.

Your supporting process and rationale was outstanding. Thanks!


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Thanks for sharing, great write-up, always enjoy reading it. META it’s also my largest position followed by GOOGL and AMZN. WhatsApp MOAT it’s underestimated and in my view it has one of the strongest and impenetrable MOATS out there. Thanks for giving your perspective on valuation also, I’m looking to keep adding to my position.

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Great writing. I agree, Meta has figured a few things out!

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